Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shepard Fairey is for the kids!!!

Hey my main man Shep laid it down at the flux film screening the other night, in case you have been hiding under a rock!
Shepard is the Obama campaign!!!

MTV VMAS mazik and the Kings of glory

so this is just a glimpse of the Vmas thank god i had some friends there or i would have died from boredom.its way too bad that Mtv is the one who says what videos are good and bad!!No vision all politics and their parties suck to.Give me that budget i will do more than fuckin finger foods and guitar hero!!get a fuckin grip!!

oh in case you are wondering how i was killing them on the red carpet!!!stick to ed hardy har har ,you sheep ! if i see another heraldic design meets a tiger i am gonna implode!!!ha ha

chris julian of fruition fame kanyed'

one of my very close friends from the land of lost wages has been blogged on kanyes blog:

please support inovative thinking .the new renaissance is here!!the rest of you need to pick up the reigns man!!lazy fuckers!!
Keep pushin the card!!Fruition Fam for life!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

behind the matter

hey folks this is a behind the scenes look at the TI "no matter what" video
really great experience .shot in atl at a 150 yr old cotton mill.Tip is golden kid very easy to work with and i look forward to our future projects.if you haven't peeped the video yet.its a rare glimpse into Tip and the triumph of overcoming obstacles!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

fruition new fruits!!

hey t squirts my peoples at fruition just dropped some new ts check em out and visit their site.they are running shit!!!love you guys!! visit them at fruitionlv.com

maino hi hater remix video

so the self aviary crew mazik, philis ,shinya, todd somedevilla and our newest member jason stuckey headed out to brooklyn to shoot the infamous hi hater remix video.pretty craze it has maino,TI, swizzbeats, jadakiss,plies,and fabolous.whew!!!!man it was stressfull.like 200 on set and 500 people waiting outside.we pulled it off somehow.somebody from 50s crew was in the self casa and did some behind the scenes ish.peep it!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

self aviary VMA nomination for TI "no matter what" music video

So we finally made it to the "big leagues" self aviary faction is positioned into a nomination for best male video on MTV VMA's tonight. we are very gracious and feel appreciative to be apart of such an amazing project.TI is a true artist and its been really fun to work along side such a professional.what a great song you can feel the triumph in his voice.the passion runs through this piece see it for yourself at selfaviary.com .many more to come....